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Web Hosting Malaysia

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Free Hosting

  • 100MB SSD Storage
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  • 5GB SSD
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate ($20+ Value!)
  • 1 Website/Domain
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • 10 Databases
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 1GB RAM
  • Softaculous (1-Click-Installer)
  • 10Gbps Uplink
  • 24/7 Support
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  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • 200GB Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate ($20+ Value!)
  • 10 Websites/Domains
  • 10 Add-on and Parked Domains
  • 200 Email Accounts
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • 20 Databases
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 2GB RAM
  • Softaculous (1-Click-Installer)
  • 10Gbps Uplink
  • 24/7 Support
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cPanel Ultimate
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  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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  • 4GB RAM
  • 3 CPU Power
  • 20mbps I/O
  • 400 EP and NPOC
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  • 10Gbps Uplink
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About Tezhost – Web Hosting in Malayisa

Built up in 2015, People Talent Tech Snd. Bhd. has developed into one of the businesses quickest developing shabby web facilitating brands.

People Talent Tech Snd. Bhd.’s objectives have dependably been the same since the begin, give a quality, solid item joined with understanding and a moderate valuing structure.

Our clients gain admittance to a committed all day, every day bolster division with normal reaction times of only 27 minutes! So what are you sitting tight for? Upheld by our 30-day unconditional promise, look at our web facilitating plans by clicking here.

Web hosting Malaysia


  • Cron Jobs
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  • SSH Access
  • Softaculous 1 Click Installation
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Perl Modules
  • One Click Installer
  • PHP 4.4 to 7
  • CGI Library
  • Leech Protection


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Best web site Hosting Malaysia:

Now that you just have the essential grasp on the various sorts of Web hosting for Malaya, you would like to understand what options you must hunt for looking on the dimensions of your company and what you wish to accomplish. This stuff to appear for whereas searching for a Web hosting service can flip a trying project into a fun one.

Web Hosting Server in Malaysia:

You’ll need to form positive the hosting service you utilize is predicated in or around Malaya (Singapore is perhaps your best bet here). the rationale for this can be straightforward. If you base your website in another country than it’ll end in problems with speed. You’ll expertise delays, slower load times, and simply general lag. to form the method extraordinarily simple keep the online hosting service you select on the brink of you (if you happen to be primarily based elsewhere, we have a tendency to even have Web host comparisons for Australia, the UK, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand).

Unlimited storage web hosting in Malaysia

Storage matters as a result of it determine what number files you’ll transfer onto your website. For little businesses or even a weblog, a straightforward website may do and can solely need some gigabytes. Sadly, if you’re an even bigger company or simply have an even bigger project in mind that you’ll like the maximum amount of cupboard space as you’ll get. You’ll need to require advantage of hosting services that provide SSD drivers that perform higher than the quality drive used.


When searching for the most effective Web hosting in Malaya, you’ll need to look for a service that gives sensible server period of time. Basically, 99.9% of Web hosts in Malaya promise the best period of time. The guarantees aren’t forever to be sure. Before dedicated yourself or your company to a service, make sure to analysis and browse reviews of the online host you’re considering to urge a general accord on however sensible the period of time is.


A feature to not be forgotten, however typically is, is that the backup system. Somebody that has worked with a pc in any capacity is aware of that backing up your files and information is important. Once making a Web site through a Web hosting server, it’s extraordinarily vital that you just back up your information, email files, and website on a nearly every day. Once selecting the most effective website hosting in Malaysia make sure to see however typically the service backups your information and if they charge a fee for back restore.


Bandwidth is that the quantity of information that may be transferred between your website, its users, and therefore the Web. If you had a PC from way back, you almost certainly bear in mind the dial-up Web and therefore the snail-pace information measure. Once searching for Web hosting, you wish to make sure they provide is sweet. This goes, particularly for shared hosting. If a Web site on the server experiences heaps of high traffic, the opposite sites can load slower. Thus remember the upper the information measure, a lot of those that will visit your website.

Number of allowed add-on domains/sites

For startups that are searching for the only Web hosting set up, you’ll in all probability solely like one website. A Web hosting service that gives solely one domain is additionally the most cost-effective choices; however, if you’re trying to feature a lot of Web sites you would like to make sure your web hosting will support it. Whereas most Web hosting plans give as several subdomains as you wish, you have got to make sure they’ll support a lot of domains if that’s what your business wants.

Other data to stay in the mind

As with most things involving technology, individuals have some confusion regarding language related to Web hosting. Individuals typically confuse Web hosting for domain hosting or domain registration; however, none of them are replacements for the opposite. If somebody is talking regarding domain hosting, they’re sometimes bearing on the mix of Web hosting and domain registration. Domain hosting isn’t AN actual thing; individuals simply don’t grasp the right language for Web hosting. Domain registration is that the act of shopping for and registering your name. It’s a service that the majority of Web hosting plans to supply to try and do for you. Of course, Web hosting is that the on-line area during which you place your information in order that seems in browsers once you kind within the name.

Bottom Line

While this has provided you with helpful data, it’s up to you to travel out and mix the bits and items that match at intervals your website wants. The knowledge higher than maybe a start line to your own analysis. With it, you’ll opt for a reliable Web host. To place it merely, the most effective Web hosting in Malaya is that the service that provides you with the foremost price whereas still having enough flexibility to grow together with your business.

Why selecting the most effective Web hosting Company necessary for you?

With all Web hosting corporations promising unlimited resources, 99% uptime, and knowledgeable school support, there ought to be how resolute create a well well-read call. Well, this guide will definitely assist you to opt for the correct and therefore the best Web hosting company that most accurately fits your wants.

Price: Like with most alternative things, 1st comes to value. In fact, this can be the issue that the majority folks check up on 1st once choosing a Web hosting supplier. Yet, it shouldn’t be the only deciding issue. Bear in mind that falling for the most cost-effective provide you with stumble upon is essentially not the most effective plan, significantly if your website is supposed to form cash. Aspects like sensible school support and prime quality hardware will value cash and a Web hosting company that charges the lowest fee might not supply these vital options. So, take away nearer verify all the options every host offers then compare the costs.

Tech specifications, options, and limitations:

Take an honest considers your website and determine what precisely you wish the location to try and do. If you’re hosting Associate in the Nursing e-commerce website, videos, wealthy content, and blogs, you certainly cannot choose the most cost-effective hosting package. an inexpensive Malaya hosting set up won’t have the processing power, RAM and space to cater to any or all your wants and you may have to be compelled to pay a lot off of it slow managing the load problems or period of time within the future.

Figure out your Web host set up encompasses FTP, Perl, PHP, SSI, SSH, .ht access, MySQL, and Corn. Some hosts don’t permit you to put in Perl or PHP scripts while not their approval. Well, this could not be fascinating because it means you want to watch for them to approve before you implement a replacement feature on your website on every occasion. if you’re doing things like customizing your error pages or protective your web site in numerous ways in which, you would like the power to change or produce “.ht access” files. Access to SSH is used for many things like testing bound programs and maintaining databases. On the opposite hand, MySQL is needed if you want to run a CMS or a weblog. Corn may be a quite program computer hardware that permits you to run programs at specific times of the day. Make certain such facilities area unit provided by your prospective Web hosting company.

Tech support:

This can be a giant think about the opinions of the majority out there. Once your website goes down for a few reasons unknown, you must be able to decision up and have a school support representative answer on the phone. Even more, they must be able to determine what’s wrong and fix it promptly or at the smallest amount tell you what you must be doing to urge your web site back on-line.

Prior to selecting a hosting service supplier, check out their name in terms of client support. Notice the various ways in which to contact them as and once you want to support – fee phone, email/ticket support, live chat, and so on. Even have a watch on their turnaround. Check whether or not or not they’re staffed 24/7 and if they source school support services.

When examination tech/customer support of various Web hosts, you may perceive that kind of like technical specifications and value, all Web hosts aren’t equal. Some have a passionate school support team whereas some others don’t offer due importance to client support. Make certain you avoid the latter.

Reputation: Get to grasp what the previous and current customers of the possible company area unit expression concerning them. Do a Google search or look them au courant social Web working sites like Twitter and Facebook. The correct company will certainly have heaps of positive reviews.

SSL (secure server): area unit you reaching to sell any product or services via your website? If affirmative, you will wish to seek out if the online host permits you to line up SSL, a secure server. Unneeded to say, you’d have seen that some Web addresses begin with https:// instead of HTTP://. Whereas this could ordinarily involve further charges or in truth, the next priced package, if you’re reaching to collect MasterCard payments by yourself, you may, sure enough, want SSL. You will not need this facility if you’re reckoning on a payment entry (like PayPal that, on your behalf, collects MasterCard payments) and aren’t otherwise collection any non-public or sensitive info from your customers.

Control panel/user interface: bound things like putting in WordPress, fitting FTP accounts, and fitting email – you want to be able to manage while not resorting to the support line of your hosting company although you happen to be the world’s least tech-savvy person. Will your hosting supplier use Plesk or cPanel to form modifications and updates easier or instead do they create use of some unwieldy interface that no one will figure out? As you may presumably be the person operating with it, if you can not figure it out, it’ll actually be a tangle for you.

Scalability room to grow: Last however not the least; a crucial issue you must concerning into account about your Web hosting supplier likewise because the hosting set up you decide is whether or not they work well into your future plans or not. Simply put, what you’re thinking that as adequate hosting currently would possibly fail to satisfy your necessities one or two of years from currently the instant you begin marketing your product online and you begin obtaining some traffic to your website. unneeded to say, any web-based enterprise should have each its eyes on growth; so, if a Web hosting company has issued in accommodating that growth, a problem is correct at the corner.

Find out if your host is going to be able to upgrade your account simply at any juncture. Well, transferring from one Web host to a different undoubtedly takes valuable effort and time; this might be avoided provided the hosting company is capable of scaling their solutions for growth.

Consider of these factors, so you’re a part of the analysis, get recommendations, Associate in nursing find yourself with an enlightened call with regards to your want for the most effective and right Web hosting company In Malaysia

SSL Certificates

These days, everyone is on the web and this could cause you to feel terribly insecure once causation or receive sensitive knowledge. several users fly the coop websites that invite their personal or non-public data actually because they don’t feel safe giving out such sensitive data to a site that’s not secured. you’ll solve this drawback for your website by obtaining an SSL certificate.

We offer our customers SSL certificates from Thawed to secure their sites and certify their users feel comfy sharing data with them. a number of the foremost options and edges of the Thawed certificate (SSL) include:

  • Thawed is one among the leading SSL certificate suppliers worldwide
  • it’s a noted and sure name within the business

We have few of the simplest Web hosting servers with each Windows and operative system} server operating systems, to supply our customers the convenience to decide on their desired platform for Web hosting their websites. In Malaysia Web hosting services have become very reasonable, as service suppliers like Malaysia are making new and innovative techniques to plan value effective high playacting packages for Web hosting clients’ websites, so they will reach the simplest end up in their business. In Malaysia,

Web Hosting Services Malaysia

Web Hosting Services are currently spreading like ne’er before as each tiny to massive scale business has its online presence to grab the eye of the worldwide patronage. website hosting services in Malaysia accustomed be terribly low key before few years, as Malaysia n Web hosting firms weren’t absolutely responsive to the possible ways in which to faucet the market. With increasing awareness and innovation of contemporary technologies that influenced the online hosting field, service suppliers are currently breaking each barrier to be at the highest of all website hosting providers’ list in Malaysia.

Website hosting services in Malaysia

Website hosting services in Malaysia are largely offered in shared, dedicated, VPS and free Web hosting services.

Free Web hosting services are usually not abundant most well-liked as they need such a lot of limitations. One can’t get MySQL, multiple e-mail accounts or databases with free web site hosting plans. Solely a sub-domain or a directory is provided to the shopper within the name of a website. Therefore we recommend you to avoid this type of Web hosting services and opt for the paid Web hosting suppliers, World Health Organization provide assured success for your Web hosting efforts also as accelerate business growth.

Shared Web hosting in Malaysia

Shared Web hosting services provide reasonable Web hosting solutions to purchasers World Health Organization need their websites to possess their own domain names. These are higher than free Web hosting services, as you get numerous programming options like MySQL, PHP, and ASP beside multiple e-mail addresses and lots of information measure. As multiple purchasers host their websites across one server, the overhead prices are relatively lower.

Dedicated website hosting services are the foremost trustworthy ones within the Web hosting business. After you need additional information measure, high server time period with higher storage choices then dedicated Web hosting is that the final declare you. You get unlimited databases with email addresses and information measure that carry the potential to blast each competition on the online along with your business rivals. We have a tendency to at TezHost provide managed dedicated servers in website hosting, so you ought not to trouble concerning the nuisance of server management and maintenance problems the least bit. Unmanaged Web hosting services are terribly hard and time intensive, thus it’s suggested for Web house owners to travel for a managed dedicated Web hosting service supplier and have the convenience to fancy their time and success with none trouble.

Web hosting servers in Malaysia

Virtual non-public Web hosting servers are the gem of an online hosting service supplier, as they provide low-value solutions that yield a dedicated server like outputs. You ought not to pay a large bill for dedicated server hosting, as a result of your VPS will simply bring those for you while not burning a hole in your finances. These are versatile, reliable and in particular, provide you with the convenience to put in your required in operating systems over them, so you’ll add your required computer code applications compatible thereupon OS.

Our Cloud Web hosting system is that the new entrant within the market, however, has risen large applauds from the purchasers UN agency used it for the primary time in their business. Quantify ability and stability is 2 basic aspects in UNIX cloud hosting server OS, as they’re the foremost secure and ascendible servers within the trade. The foremost commendable feature of the cloud server is load equalization, now and then of server break down or Web workload, the cloud handles the websites hosted over the faulty server and transfers the load to free servers on the cloud. This fashion the performance and business of the website stay unaffected generating a lot of revenues for the business owner.

Our Web hosting packages sometimes embrace management panels, domain names, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, applications, SSL certificates, domain ID shielded, WordPress templates and website installers.

Super quick and lightweight panel having a simple to use interface provides a versatile setting for the online homeowners, so they will manage their websites with nice ease. You get to register new domain names, set multiple databases and transfer content or emails by dragging and dropping them.

Domain names in Malaysia

Domain names are offered as per your selection and you get completely different controls over your domains like dynamical name server, writing UN agency is, setting custom DNS records still as transferring domains. With options like this, you’re certain to accomplish the simplest deal within the business and grow quickly while not fail. Our domain hosting services are one in all its sorts within the Malaysia n market and that wear one in the entire premier Web hosting service suppliers in Malaysia.

With our application hosting facilities you get the pliability to line up, install and host multiple applications inside a short while saving several cash and time. Free templates are obtainable, so you’ll opt for the specified ones for your website.

Website and application installers are fashionable tools that permit you to put in applications and website templates with one click. We’ve got an enormous variety of website styles that we tend to update a day, permitting you to possess a lot of selection in web site planning. The applications obtainable in the United States work fully in synch with all our website templates.

We have ID defend service for domains; it allows you to cover your UN agency is details and keeps your ID protected on the online. With one click you get all of your domains protected over the web.

You can produce a secure e-store with our SSL certificate that may assure you a protected business. We tend to charge but the opposite market players and fast installation is warranted for your website.

Web hosting services in Malaysia

Web hosting services in Malaysia has taken a large leap and covering the globe like ne’er before. Grab the chance and money on the benefits it offers in your approach. Be a locality of our winning package and swipe the best deals in Web hosting that may undoubtedly boost your business within the long-term.


A big feature to appear out for is support, each service, and client. where as several read them because of the same form of support. Having sensible service and client support is concerning having the ability to properly articulate a way to fix issues and technical problems whereas ensuring the client feels valued and happy. Sensible support may be a must!