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Domain Email Verification

When a new domain is created you will have few weeks to click on the verify email link. If you do not verify your website may go down. Tezhost Support team do not have option to click on the email verification link on your behalf. The email verification is only sent to the domain owner and only the owner can verify […]

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Speed Up Website | WordPress | PHP | Linux

How fast a website should load? According to Akamai, a famous content delivery network, 2 seconds is the threshold for eCommerce website acceptability. So if your website is slower than 2 seconds, you need to consider working on the speed optimization of your website(Speed Up Website, more precisely). Below are some of the techniques used

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How to install SSL?

SSL certificates are important for every site now a days. If there are login passwords and user registration on your site, the importance of SSL gets a security necessity. SSL certificates helps to encrypt your communication between browser and web server. If you are not using SSL certificate you are sending your passwords in plain

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